UPDATE 0.4.5 BUILD 3300

New update of VeteranMod is available. Current version: 0.4.5. build 3300


Added: Editor previews for all units, vehicles, static weapons and ammo crates
Added: Backblast for static AT launchers
Improved: Small arms weights and inertion behavior (different behaviour for weapons with tactical handgrips)
Improved: MK12 MOD 1 SPR behaviour with different ammunition
Improved: Metis static weapon
Improved: Metis-M static weapon
Improved: Metis-M1 static weapon
Improved: AGS-30 static weapon
Improved: MK19 static weapon
Improved: HMMWV M1151
Improved: KamAZ 5350
Improved: MK23 MTVR
Improved: Fara-PW
Improved: Inventory system
Fixed: SVD lods
Fixed: RPG-7V2 lods
Fixed: CZ 584 Mod. 4 lods
Fixed: Missed sounds on RPK74 with PBS-1
Fixed: Doors did’t work on UAZ 3151 and UAZ 469
Fixed: Error message during reload on SVD (camo)
Fixed: Inventory icon for VSS
Fixed: AI reaction on shots from PSS, PB and VSS
Fixed: AI behaviour on M224A1 mortar
Fixed: Decreased damage on M430A1 HEDP
Fixed: NSPU-3 and 1PN93-1 NV sights
Fixed: BN-1 and BN-3 NV binoculars
Fixed: Missed string STR_DS_VTN_2x9M115_RUCK error message
Removed: Groups with SPG-9