UPDATE 0.4.2 BUILD 2775

New update of VeteranMod is available. Current version: 0.4.2. build 2775


Added: KamAZ 5350 with ZU-23-2
Added: UAZ 469 with KORD
Added: ZU-23-2 static weapon
Added: AGS-30 static weapon
Added: H&K G3A3 assault rifle
Added: AK-74 manufactured in the late 80’s
Added: AMD-65 assault rifle
Added: AMD-63 assault rifle
Added: PP-19-01 submachinegun
Added: SAIGA-9 hunting carbine
Added: Custom PKMN
Added: Custom AKS-74U
Added: M40A5 sniper rifle
Added: Glock-17
Added: Schmidt & Bender 3-12×50 PM II/LP/MTC telescopic sight
Added: EKP-1S-03 sight
Added: Various camuflages for UAZ 3151 and UAZ 469
Added: Various camuflages for HMMWV M1151
Added: Various camuflages for KamAZ 5350
Improved: KamAZ 5350 model
Improved: HMMWV M1151 model
Improved: Advanced grenade throwing
Improved: Supression effects
Improved: Inventory system
Improved: Damage system and first aid system
Improved: Various weapon textures
Improved: Various weapon sounds
Improved: EDEN compatibility
Improved: Zeus compatibility
Fixed: AI can’t attack enemy from distance more than 400 meters with some weapons
Fixed: AI can’t use some AT launchers
Fixed: Fara-PW actions menu
Fixed: RPG-18