UPDATE 0.4.2 BUILD 2250

New update of VeteranMod is available. Current version: 0.4.2. build 2250


Added: Self-made 82mm round for RPG-7
Improved: M40A3 model
Improved: Tactical AKMS model
Improved: RPG-26/RSHG-2 models
Improved: AK-74M/AK-105/AKS-74/AKS-74U textures
Fixed: BRDM-2A buoyancy geometry and muzzle flash
Fixed: RPK-74 muzzle flash
Fixed: Ballistic for AT launchers
Fixed: Backblast for AT launchers
Fixed: Zero weight of SVD and VS-98
Fixed: Zero weight of KO-44
Fixed: M4A1 PTW stringtable
Fixed: Gear for some units